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Child Support & Alimony

Nothing is more important to you than the safety and well-being of your child. Your marriage may have ended, but your duties and responsibilities as a parent continue. If you have shared custody of your child with your ex, you have a right to know that your baby is not put in danger when they are with the other parent.

Your Right to Protect Your Child

If you believe that your ex is abusing, neglecting, or in any way mistreating your child, you must get proof. You must also gather concrete evidence if you suspect that your ex has violated the terms of the court-ordered custody and child support agreement. Children are reticent to speak out when they are being abused or know something is wrong. They are especially reluctant to say anything about the misdeeds and secrets of a parent. Indeed, you should not put your child in the position of reporting on your ex, as it could harm your relationship with them.

However, your child may make a comment about the actions and lifestyle of your ex that makes you stop and think. If, for example, your child says something that makes you suspect that your ex is not paying what they should be in child support, then you should hire a child support investigator Nashville to get the truth.

How a Nashville Child Support Investigator Can Help

The amount of money that your ex pays in child support is based largely on their income and assets. If they have hidden money from the court and you find out about it inadvertently through your child, a Nashville private investigator can carry out the kind of inquiry and analysis of your ex’s finances that you need. You do not have to involve your child in the matter. You should instead turn to experts who can track, monitor, and expose the falsehoods of your ex

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