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Private investigators seem exotic in the movies and on television. However, in real life, there are numerous reasons to use investigative services. Before you look any further, consider the benefits of using our services.

Larkins Investigations is Nashville's premium full-service private investigator company. We handle the full range of professional investigative services for business and personal matters. We know how sensitive these matters are so we act with the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality.

A view from Larkins Investigations office in downtown Nashville TN
A view from Larkins Investigations office in downtown Nashville TN

Discover our extensive range of investigating services

Civil investigations by a Private Investigator Nashville

 We handle every aspect of civil investigations from child custody and delicate paternity and infidelity questions. Why let lingering doubts cloud your relationship? We can help find the missing answers to vital questions.

Consider the following scenarios to discover how we can help.  

Insurance investigations

 Insurance investigations are one of our specialties. We can assist in investigations for Worker's Compensation, Injuries, and SIU. Our team skillfully handles the entire process, including surveillance. We work with insurance companies and attorneys to detect potential fraud. Save money on claims. 

Criminal investigations

 If you've been recently accused of any crime or want additional help investigating one, Larkins Investigations is the solution. Our company owner has credible experience as a criminal investigator and now brings the same degree of professionalism to your case. 

Identity Theft

Hire a Nashville TN Private Investigator to track down identity thieves. Our investigators can cut through the red tape to find perpetrators of identity theft. We utilize modern tactics to combat this growing problem 

Missing Persons

  We will help find missing people.

Skip-trace (Locate a person) - our team can help locate people who are avoiding      detection. Our experienced investigators can help you track down someone      who is attempting to prevent exposure.

Background investigations

  Do you  need in-depth information about someone's background? We can go further      than just a simple public database search. Contact us to learn more about our process.

 Alcohol investigations - We handle inquiries concerning alcohol, including Dram shops, Deaths, Underage Drinking, and all others upon request 

Hire an Experienced Private Investigator Nashville TN


Don't let scammers and criminal organizations take advantage

 Hire us to find those would cause harm to your business or personal reputation and finances. Insurance fraud, identity theft, and alcohol-related criminal cases are serious offenses with adverse consequences 

Don't go it alone

especially when you can get help from a leading investigative company. Insurance companies, attorneys, and private individuals save considerable sums of money by avoiding fraud. Put an investigator on the job who will tenaciously pursue the truth, no matter how challenging the case.

Private Investigator Nashville

Led by Mr. Larkins, who has 25+ years of investigative experience, rest assured you're dealing with the premier Nashville Tennessee Private Investigator.

Hire a Licensed Private Investigator Nashville Tennessee

The company owner is a decorated professional investigator with extensive background handling many forms of investigations 

Having amassed greater than 20+ years of experience in the Law Enforcement field, Mr. Larkins handled duties ranging from training, supervision, and community relations. As the Special Agent in Charge, he was the head of three middle Tennessee offices, that oversaw work in 33 counties. Larkins has experience with policy development, training of staff, grant writing, and hiring.


We know how vital an investigation is for you. We promise to act quickly and professionally. If you have even a simple question, don't hesitate to contact us. We don't have a "one size fits all" pricing structure because each case is an individual matter. Get a free consultation now.

  • Our team can interview people in an information-gathering capacity.
        Perform necessary searches for specific records, using computerized or non-computerized methods.
  • Conduct on-site surveillance that includes locating, following, or monitoring people without them knowing.
  • Collect sufficient legal evidence for court presentation.
  • Verify people's employment, their income, and basic facts about their background.


No matter how comprehensive your needs, our team is ready. Don't let anyone take advantage when you can find out the information you need to know. Save yourself hassle later by investing in the best investigators in town. Whether you're hiring or looking into a crime, background checks are the key to success. Never take for granted public information. We will conduct an in-depth investigation to ensure your interests remain protected

We Proudly Service Nashville and Surrounding Areas


Attorneys offices, businesses, insurance companies, and private individuals all benefit from our service. We always perform the heavy lifting so that you have the information you need for your case. Mr. Larkin's experience matters so much because he is uniquely qualified to know what evidence precisely is necessary to withstand scrutiny in a court of law. As a seasoned professional, you can count on his integrity and professionalism to help you achieve your objectives.

We understand this town and its people. If you presently have any questions about our service, get a free estimate now. Find out the specifics about how we work. Our licensed investigators are standing by, fully prepared for any challenge.

We can gather evidence, conduct research and surveillance, and much more. If you have a pending issue in the Nashville area, contact us immediately.

Do you need any of the following?

  • Accident Scene Reconstruction
  • Arson Investigative Service
  • Asset Searches
  • Civil Investigations
  • Computer and Cellular Forensics
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Due Diligence
  • Embezzlement and Fraud
  • Executive Protection
  • Infidelity and Child Custody
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Process Service
  • Surveillance


No matter the size of the case, we can assist. Whether your work for a company or a private individual, our team provides professional service. Contact us for an ongoing investigation or one-time attention to any case. Your satisfaction is our only goal. We rely on positive word of mouth for new business, so we strive to deliver the best results. Don't stress out about your current situation. With the right investigator at your back, you'll be able to rest easy. Mr. Larkins and the team are the right choices.

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